Welcome Pinions!!

© Guerito 2005

© Guerito 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello Pinions!!

I must have a place to express myself  in editorial fashion. I urge you to express your opinions here and must say that I enjoy intellectual banter and urge you to tell my why you feel the way that you do. Although these opinions are mine at the time of writing them, I do not guarantee that my opinions and beliefs won’t evolve, nor does this reflect the opinions of anyone else.

I do feel strongly about many issues including, but not limited to politics, which will have a blog all of its own but I may discuss it occasionally, social issues such as education, economics, poverty, deviance, diverse populations, and  globalization.

I will discuss ethics and business and technology practices, product responsibility, clean and renewable energy, and other issues pertaining to business.

I will give my opinion of controversial issues that come up in the news, on television and on other sources of media.

Discussion about parenting practices will also be an issue that I address here occasionally, but will have a blog for the issue of parenting specifically in the future. When I have that developed I will present it, and give you a link to it if you would like to share your opinions and contribute to the blog, please let me know.

Entertainment discussion will also be a component, in which, I would love to hear your feedback about various issues and events that have to do with entertainment, movies, television, gaming, and music.

If you have any topics that you would like to suggest for discussion, please feel free to share them so we can talk about it!!

Thank you for sharing!! Come back again soon!!