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Today, I am going to discuss briefly the issue regarding children and botox treatments and pole dancing, as discussed briefly on Anderson.

Anderson Cooper, primary anchor of the show AC...

Anderson Cooper, primary anchor of the show AC360 on CNN, poses with a fan during the Obama Inaugural in Washington, D.C. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I must admit that I was more shocked by Anderson’s response then the woman’s behavior. The reason being, that I have a tremendous amount of respect for Anderson. He has been reporting on some of the most horrific events in news for many years, current events, and I look at him as a hero. Someone that can go down in the pits of hell with his wings intact emerging from the flames with the innocent in his grasp.

As far as Botox treatments, as I said on Twitter, I do not believe that there are a safe alternative to aging, odor prevention or anything else. “Botulinum toxin A, better known as Botox™  ” is dangerous and should not be used, in my opinion, as a safe alternative to any of these symptoms for adults, let alone children.

Pole dancing for kids, are you kidding me?? I wouldn’t even have her on my show, and if I did I would talk to the child and find out if this a one time occurrence and what she thought about it.

Pole dancing for adults, pretty cool. I wish I could say that I had those expertise, personally. I see no need for any child to be on a pole unless it’s on a playground and they are sliding down it to reach the ground from a tower or in a pretend game of firefighter.

I think the people that are doing things right in this country should get more attention and maybe people will start to think, hey if I do some really cool stuff for people I might get on television, instead of man, if I do some messed up stuff I can get famous and be on television.

As far as Anderson’s concerned, he is someone that I look up incredibly and although I am surprised at his treatment of this woman. He has much more background and knowledge of her case, and if I looked into it further I would probably be enraged by her behavior ,as well. However, like I said, I wouldn’t even have her on the show.  But, I understand they are covering current issues and a variety of material and it is interesting to see him cover pop culture topics as well as his hard-hitting news current event shows like Anderson 360, and Anderson’s Special Report. Daytime television definitely stepped up a notch when he entered the game of daytime television programming, especially during this time of experimentation and transition.

Chinese Pole Dancing

Chinese Pole Dancing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, no to Botox, no to kids pole dancing, yes to adults pole dancing, yes to Anderson Cooper anything, and yes to finding safe alternatives to aging (possibly light treatments to regenerate the dead cells, and the use of stem cells as blank cells to restore those lost in areas necessary which the body is constantly producing), yes to appropriate means of combating odors (deodorant or antiperspirant, I personally like Lady Speed Stick, available in a variety of fragrances all lovely and lasts until you wash it off even under the most strenuous fitness routines) and yes to finding new and better ways to solve social issues together.

This is my food 4 thought…

Do you have any thoughts you would like to share about these topics, or others? Please share I would love your thoughts on how we may be able to combat aging, promote a healthier society, cure body odors,  your favorite Anderson shows or topics, or anything else you would like to discuss.


Angela Field