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Today, I am going to discuss briefly the issue regarding children and botox treatments and pole dancing, as discussed briefly on Anderson.

Anderson Cooper, primary anchor of the show AC...

Anderson Cooper, primary anchor of the show AC360 on CNN, poses with a fan during the Obama Inaugural in Washington, D.C. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I must admit that I was more shocked by Anderson’s response then the woman’s behavior. The reason being, that I have a tremendous amount of respect for Anderson. He has been reporting on some of the most horrific events in news for many years, current events, and I look at him as a hero. Someone that can go down in the pits of hell with his wings intact emerging from the flames with the innocent in his grasp.

As far as Botox treatments, as I said on Twitter, I do not believe that there are a safe alternative to aging, odor prevention or anything else. “Botulinum toxin A, better known as Botox™  ” is dangerous and should not be used, in my opinion, as a safe alternative to any of these symptoms for adults, let alone children.

Pole dancing for kids, are you kidding me?? I wouldn’t even have her on my show, and if I did I would talk to the child and find out if this a one time occurrence and what she thought about it.

Pole dancing for adults, pretty cool. I wish I could say that I had those expertise, personally. I see no need for any child to be on a pole unless it’s on a playground and they are sliding down it to reach the ground from a tower or in a pretend game of firefighter.

I think the people that are doing things right in this country should get more attention and maybe people will start to think, hey if I do some really cool stuff for people I might get on television, instead of man, if I do some messed up stuff I can get famous and be on television.

As far as Anderson’s concerned, he is someone that I look up incredibly and although I am surprised at his treatment of this woman. He has much more background and knowledge of her case, and if I looked into it further I would probably be enraged by her behavior ,as well. However, like I said, I wouldn’t even have her on the show.  But, I understand they are covering current issues and a variety of material and it is interesting to see him cover pop culture topics as well as his hard-hitting news current event shows like Anderson 360, and Anderson’s Special Report. Daytime television definitely stepped up a notch when he entered the game of daytime television programming, especially during this time of experimentation and transition.

Chinese Pole Dancing

Chinese Pole Dancing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, no to Botox, no to kids pole dancing, yes to adults pole dancing, yes to Anderson Cooper anything, and yes to finding safe alternatives to aging (possibly light treatments to regenerate the dead cells, and the use of stem cells as blank cells to restore those lost in areas necessary which the body is constantly producing), yes to appropriate means of combating odors (deodorant or antiperspirant, I personally like Lady Speed Stick, available in a variety of fragrances all lovely and lasts until you wash it off even under the most strenuous fitness routines) and yes to finding new and better ways to solve social issues together.

This is my food 4 thought…

Do you have any thoughts you would like to share about these topics, or others? Please share I would love your thoughts on how we may be able to combat aging, promote a healthier society, cure body odors,  your favorite Anderson shows or topics, or anything else you would like to discuss.


Angela Field


I think Facebook is in its prime and I am curious to see how Facebook will grow in the future. I look for Zuckerberg to continue to invest in his competition, and eliminate them from his market. Some of this will occur, I believe through acquisitions that we have already seen take place with his purchase of Instagram, and other online companies, in their early stages.

What can you do to make your life and your business that much better?

Learning by Doing

Learning by Doing (Photo credit: BrianCSmith)

When you continue the same action, behavior, or method you reap the same results.

So, if you want the same results, go along the same path…

If you want something more… look for ways to become a better you and have a more successful business!!

Be more understanding, listen to others compassionately, and help others achieve their goals! Let that be one of your goals! When you help others reach their goals, I feel that the rewards you get from that alone are without measure!! Volunteer your time or get involved in a cause that is important to you, and see how rewarding it is to help others reach their goals, or to even learn how to set them to change their lives.

Be realistic in your evaluation of yourself, not critical or over-indulgent. See where you can improve each day and be the best YOU that you can become, and celebrate your achievements small or large!!

Everything you do causes a ripple in the rest of society… you determine the impact of the ripple or the size of the wake!! 

Professionally, I feel, that it is important to look for ways to be more productive, increase sales, and efficiency, manage your time, and delegate responsibilities to others if you have more than you can handle on your own. Basically, analyze your output, find your holes or places where you can improve and do it, and voila increase in sales! Maybe you expand your market, your demographic, your visibility, maybe all of the above and much more!!

Business is business, but your personal life needs as much attention or more than you give your work! For some people it is hard to achieve this balance, and many of us struggle with this throughout our whole lives, others master it much sooner! Ask those that have achieved that balance ways that they balance work and play! The more ideas the better!!

I personally feel that is essential to find a balance. Make time to play, not only for your family and friends, you need this time too!! Spend time every day with your kids and your loved ones; play a game with a friend online or with your kids on the floor or kitchen table, ride bikes to the park, or slide down the slides or whatever you enjoy doing with them, they want your time and undivided attention so give it to them.  You will achieve a priceless connection and have moments to cherish your whole lives!! And an added benefit is they will behave better, its sometimes referred to as “putting money in the bank” which I don’t particularly care for the terminology but,anyway, the concept I do. The concept or technique is simply that the more time, or money, that you invest in your children the more time they will give back to you. When you talk, they will listen… because when they talked to you, they too felt heard. So in turn, they will want to hear you, too. 

So, keep your spirit young, your mind fresh and alive, explore your interests, set your goals and achieve them!! Listen to your children and invest your time into them because they are the best investmentand creation you will ever make!! Do more than dream, turn your dreams into reality one step or leap at a time!! Everything you do will see the magic and energy that lights the fire within and will keep you feeling young and beautiful forever!!

these teams were all phenominal to watch the o...

Roller Derby! Can you stay on your feet?? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, join an adult baseball or softball league if you love sports. Learn a new language, there’s so many fun ways to learn, pick a language or two or more and have fun with it! Join the roller derby, or take martial arts classes, or a kickboxing class if you want to blow off some steam and get a good workout!! You can join a book club, find a new hobby, learn something new, whatever peaks your interest! Have fun with it!! If you try it out and find that it doesn’t light your fire try something else, just keep learning, growing, and developing!! As long as you keep your mind feeling young, it will act like it is. You can trick or train your mind into ignoring the concept of aging, among other things! Magic tool the brain is… the body is a little tougher to get to obey but, that’s for another post. If your mind stays active learning, engaging in studies, gaming, puzzles, reading, listening to music and other activities that stimulate the brain, those pathways and connections that you made, don’t weaken. These continue to strengthen and develop, increasing your own capabilities such as your speed of processing information, memory capabilities, learning abilities, creativity, your ability to synthesize information, and so much more. Stay sharp!! Keep learning and growing!!

Don’t wait!! Start that business, write that book, take some college courses, get another degree,pursue that career, invent those products, make and create your own masterpieces, follow your dreams, and do it today!!  Do whatever you say you wish you could!! Just set your goals, pursue those goals, and when you reach them, make more, when you reach those… that’s right!!  Make more!!

The rest of your life will change immediately! Embrace it! Open yourself up to the growth! You will feel excited about your journey in life and the adventure it brings!!

Thank you for joining me on my journey, I am honored to walk a bit with you on ours!!

Coire Làir track Even on an overcast May morni...

Coire Làir track Even on an overcast May morning, when you get off the train you know you’re in for a great time. This section always makes me think of following the Yellow Brick Road! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Welcome Pinions!!

© Guerito 2005

© Guerito 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello Pinions!!

I must have a place to express myself  in editorial fashion. I urge you to express your opinions here and must say that I enjoy intellectual banter and urge you to tell my why you feel the way that you do. Although these opinions are mine at the time of writing them, I do not guarantee that my opinions and beliefs won’t evolve, nor does this reflect the opinions of anyone else.

I do feel strongly about many issues including, but not limited to politics, which will have a blog all of its own but I may discuss it occasionally, social issues such as education, economics, poverty, deviance, diverse populations, and  globalization.

I will discuss ethics and business and technology practices, product responsibility, clean and renewable energy, and other issues pertaining to business.

I will give my opinion of controversial issues that come up in the news, on television and on other sources of media.

Discussion about parenting practices will also be an issue that I address here occasionally, but will have a blog for the issue of parenting specifically in the future. When I have that developed I will present it, and give you a link to it if you would like to share your opinions and contribute to the blog, please let me know.

Entertainment discussion will also be a component, in which, I would love to hear your feedback about various issues and events that have to do with entertainment, movies, television, gaming, and music.

If you have any topics that you would like to suggest for discussion, please feel free to share them so we can talk about it!!

Thank you for sharing!! Come back again soon!!